Urban Living In Fort Worth

After living in a 36 foot RV for three years, we have gone back to the "stix and brix" way of life. it is time for one of us to get a retirement income finished and have a life after work. We will be posting all there is that we find about living in this downtown area of Fort Worth, Texas.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I drove to Lovington, NM for the set court date shown on the notification received from my attorney. In the court room, Mr.Templeton who is to represent the defendant, Mr. Jimmy Allen Pillers, stated for the court and in the record of the court proceedings that his client will not be present.

The court system in NM is electronic and thus notifications for a court date are sent to the attorney that way, not hand or postal. I seems in the years that have elapsed since 2008, Mr. Templeton has been "deleted" from the electronic file for this proceedings. Mr. Jimmy Allen Pillers was notified by his family that a notice of up coming court date had been posted on this blog. He contacted his Mr. Templeton not having been notified and his attorney checked his notifications and found he was not notified by the court.

Mr. Jimmy Allen Pillers was thus advised by his son, Keith Allen Pillers, a Texas lawyer, to not appear since there was no notification by the court. All this took place by his attorney in the court room and was relayed to the judge. To say the look on the judge's face was one of subdued anger would be an understatement.

The court action did not proceed at Mr. Templeton's request of not being notified.

So far this estate filing has cost me 4 trips to NM and numerous hotel stays over the mishandling of the estate and Mr. Jimmy Allen Pillers refusal for information to settle this out of court. With the above happenings it is apparent to myself that Mr. Jimmy Allen Pillers is not interested in any equatable settlement of the estate.

This leads me to ask the question. I got $15,000 for my part of the estate. How much did you, Mr. Jimmy Allen Pillers take as your part?

See your sorry BUTT in court and as you stated in the email, "Get someone you (me) can trust and I'll explain it to them and they can explain it to you (me)". Well I found someone for you to explain your self to.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The End of The Road

Last Friday our phone rang with news that our Rv had been sold. The buyer is a man and his wife from Whitney, TX. They plan on going full time and being workcampers. They are coming from on older and smaller Class C to a 36 foot Class A. Our best to them and we wish them many happy miles and days ahead.

To our RV family that we had to leave, please look for the Pace Arrow without its rear stripes. It should be the only one on the road. Say "hi" to the new owners and full timers.

We still have a Datastorm tripod system with a 6000 modem for sale, CHEAP! $200 and its yours. We were dish 2321 on the datastorm.com website. You can email us through this blog or use dpillers028@yahoo.com.

Drive safe and stop often as there is a world to see at the next exit. Go back through our blog and see where we have been. This was one of the best decisions we ever made.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Am Back Home

I have arrived back in Fort Worth and my and Shirley's traveling days have come to an end. The rv is possibly sold to man interested in it. He has had a walk thru and driven the rv and indicated he would go to his bank. Hopefully that is the case or it will go back to Motorhome Specialists again.

With our traveling coming to an end, this blog will cease to be updated. There is lots to read and see of our travels and some interesting places we visited. I encourage you the reader to plan your trip and take the next exit and see the sights you will otherwise pass by.

Drive safe and stop often and enjoy the sights.

Good bye from the two of us.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Status of The Blog

I got this from the couple Peggy and David. I have reprinted only part of it.

Happy Belated Birthday! I would have been on time but had not looked at your blog for a while...you had not been keeping up to date on it!

Happy New Years
Peggy & David
Cheyenne WY

The blog is not updated on any basis as the 2008 RV Travels blog is the one I update. This is where I'm at and the one I post.

I do appreciate your comments and anyone else that wishes to chim in as long as its not a commercial comment.

So go the HERE for the current blog and thanks for stopping by. I really do like to hear from any readers.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

On The Road Again

My honey, SO, you know who, got on me for not having today's update. So here it is!

I'm parkd for the night at the rest stop on US I37 north of Corpus on my way to the RGV. We arrived here after 6 long hard hours of driving. I gassed up just before here and put in $125.00 at $2.44.9. This will get me to the park in Mercedes, TX tomorrow, about 4 hours more.

We will stay till the end of February and then head home.Its 73* here and will be windy tomorrow as a cold front is coming thru. Hope I can keep on deiving and not have to stop because of the wind.

That's it from here, I did the up date DEAR!

Now see where I'm at by going to this blog.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We Got New Tires On The RV Today

This is the changing of the tires. I got the price from T & W tire in Burleson, TX. They quoted me a price of $2440 mounted with taxes, stems, balancing and sales tax. It was $120 less per tire than Camping World. May not be the lowest price but it was for here. I got Goodyear G670 245R70, 19.5 with 2308 date code on all tires. Its ready to roll.

The price of the RV went up with the new tires. All that is left for this RV is the new brakes at 90k miles. If someone were to buy this it is a good deal with the amount of work we have had to do to the RV since we got it in 4/05.

These pics were taken with the cell phone and its about as good as it gets. So be happy with the pics and it is a little history of the new tires being installed on that day, 10/23/08. The mileage is 82683.

If your traveling like I see so many with the cheaper gas, be careful out there and have fun.